Assessing Integrated Solutions to New England's Changing Climate

Climate Solutions New England (CSNE) seeks to assemble and collaborate with a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral team over the course of the next two years (Jan 2015 - Dec 2016) to engage in an assessment and broad communication of integrated solutions to New England’s changing climate. The purpose of this effort is twofold: 1) to develop, publish, and communicate an assessment to help guide decision-making at the local and regional level with an emphasis on integrated solutions to New England’s changing climate; and 2) to build and strengthen ties, connectivity, and alignment among a network of organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals that contribute to greater energy and climate resilience across the region. Through an iterative, participatory process, the network will identify and assess integrated solutions that reflect a shared understanding of the nature of the challenges and opportunities that we face and a common agenda and metrics for collaborative responses that build secure, resilient, and sustainable communities.

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